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Automatic Powder Dosing System

  • SFC

The automatic powder dosing system is suitable for various powder dosing processes, and can be divided into

continuous or batch dosing processes. By adding dry powder through the screw propeller, solutions of different

concentrations can be accurately obtained, which is suitable for the preparation of flocculant, activated carbon, potassium permanganate, and coagulant solutions. The structure can be designed as upper and lower two-boxes,

three-boxes according to customer needs, and can be customized into rectangular or circular or other structural

forms according to customer needs. The material can be made of 304, 316L  PP and other materials, and non-

standard customization is acceptable.

  1. Two-box series automatic powder preparation unit

The PL2 two-box series automatic powder preparation and dosing device adopts an upper and lower structure, 

the upper cavity is dissolved and matured, and the lower cavity is stored. The outlet of the powder spiral dosing

device is a shutter design, and there is a heater outside the spiral tube.



Three-box type automatic powder preparation unit

The PL3 automatic three-box powder preparation system is divided into a dissolving tank, a curing tank and a

storage tank. It can be controlled manually or automatically. The system is compact in structure, can be operated

automatically, and the preparation concentration  is adjustable.

Applicable agent type

·Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC)

·Polyacrylamide (PAM)

·Aluminum sulfate

·Activated Carbon


3.Powder storage device

The powder silo is columnar with a cone-shaped fully enclosed structure at the bottom. The upper part is 

equipped with a dust filter and an overpressure/negative pressure safety valve. The bottom of the silo is 

equipped with a vibration activation device to ensure that there is no "cavitation" phenomenon during the

unloading process. The silo body is equipped with a level gauge to display and monitor the accumulation of

powder height. The system is equipped with a dedicated feeder and an online weighing device to accurately

control the amount of material added. The system is equipped with local PLC control boxes and other 

accessories necessary for safe, reliable and effective operation.

4.Lime (activated carbon) solution preparation system

Lime (activated carbon) can be dry-dosed, but the dosing system is complicated when dosing at long distances 

and at multiple points, and the dosing amount is difficult to control. The uneven distribution of the agent in the

medium will increase the usage of the agent. Wet dosing The addition method is easier to realize automatic

quantitative dosing, with a high degree of automation, and saves the cost of medicine.






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