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FTE3 Series Belt Press Thickener (for Medium Or Low Concentration)

  • SFC


Working principle

1: Machine was composed of gravity belt thickening and belt press dewatering. The processing flow is : sludge

 inlet, polymer dosing,mixing, reaction, thickening and dewatering under steady flow conditions to remove the

 water from sludge.

2:The sludge and flocculants are added to the conditioning tank together and after proper stirring and retention

time will get a good gel plume is formed.

3:After the sludge is flocculated, the overflow enters the gravity thickener and is evenly distributed on the entire

belt filter. The belt thickener adopts a slope-climbing design. There are staggered adaptive sludge rakes in the

gravity dehydration zone to effectively improve the filtration efficiency. Free water has been removed from the

sludge and will increase the sludge concentration to form a solid sludge.

4:The thickened sludge is diverted into the gravity dehydration zone of the upper belt filter of the pressing section

to get the second stage of gravity dehydration. At the same time, the sludge equalizer is positioned and adjusted

to force the sludge to be uniform in thickness and width.

5:The evenly divided sludge falls to the gravity dehydration zone of the lower belt filter to get the third stage of gravity dehydration.At this time, the sludge solids concentration can reach more than 8-10%.

6:The sludge begins to enter into the initial pressure wedge-shaped throat, initial pressure → low pressure → medium pressure →high pressure, and squeezes and dewaters in a horizontal wave-shaped motion track.

7:The sludge cake attached to the belt filter is derived, and peeled off by a scraper and dropped into the next stage processing unit.

8:Sludge cake solid content can reach to 15-22%.


Specification&technical date


Remark:The specific size is subject to the drawing.Our companywill reserve the modifying right of the abovespecifications.





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