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SFC-TR Series Circulation of Sludge Dryer

  • SFC

sst 07

Working principle

The concentrated body of the volute sludge thickener consist of fixed ring and active ring.the main part is screw

 shaft .

It intregrates the automatic control cabinet, flocculation disposal tank, sludge concentration part and compelet

 tank in one, underthe conditions of fully automatic operation, continously complete the sludge concentrate by

Sludge and flocculant by mechanical mixing fully and react to form 3- 5mm floc, gravity into the concentrated

 body;In the concentrated part, the sludge continues to move forward with the rotation of the screw shaft, the volume of the main chamber is continuously compressed, and the filtrate is filtered out flocculation, Sludge solid content gradually increased to achieve rapid concentrate sludge;As the rotation of the screw shaft will drive the movement ring and the fixed ring rapaidly concentrate, device to achieve a continuous self-cleaning process. to avoid block problem of the traditional equipment . The stacker concentrator can be used as pretreatment equipment for sludge dewatering and deep dewatering system.Presses, high pressure diaphragm panels or other dewatering equipments.

Technical character

1. Concentrated sludge range, suitable for water content range of 95% -99.8%

2.  After the concentration of sludge  in the range of 90-96%

3. High efficient concentration , small place

4.  No filter cloth, self-cleaning, no clogging,without high pressure backwash water

5.  Enclosed operation, reduce odor

6.  Less vulnerable parts, low maintenance costs, long service life

7.  Automatic control, continuous operation, easy maintenance and management

sst 07liuchengtu

Specification&technical date

sst 07biao

Remark:The specific size is subject to the drawing.Our companywill reserve the modifying right of the abovespecifications.





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