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Sludge Deep Dewatering System-vertical

  • SFC

wunituoshuiji lishi

Working Principle

The dehydrated sludge (moisture content of about 80%) goes into the sludge mixer for full mixing with modifier and curing agent Mixing, The sludge to achieve wall breaking, electrical neutralization, change the characteristics of sludge, reduce the specific resistance of sludge dewatering, mixed sludge into In the sludge distribution system of the high-pressure belt type deep sludge dehydrator, the sludge is evenly distributed over the filter cloth, and the sludge passes through the prepressure section of the high-pressure belt machine.A series of pressing and dewatering of medium pressure area, high pressure area and auxiliary press roller can reduce the moisture content of sludge to 60% (according to project requirements)Below 70%) for the subsequent drying or incineration of sludge to provide convenience.

Technical character

1. It can directly connect with the original sludge dewatering system.

2. Fully enclosed structure, sludge does not fall, the environment is

clean and hygienic.

3. Continuous operation, high degree of automation, simple operation,

convenient maintenance.

4. Low mud inlet, convenient connection, small footprint, convenient


5. Low operation cost and low maintenance cost.

6. The dehydrated sludge has good stability and will not be diluted

again after meeting water.

7. Stable heavy metals and less bacteria.


Specification&technical date


Remark:The specific size is subject to the drawing.Our companywill reserve the modifying right of the abovespecifications.





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