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Sludge Storage And Transportation

  • SFC


Sludge carriage silo

The carriage is designed to transport solid bulk materials with no fluidity, such as dewatered sludge, wood chips,

etc.The carriage drives several parallel steel frames through a hydraulic device to reciprocate back and forth at the 

bottom of the silo, and with the material in two strokes. The friction and inertia caused by the different contact surfaces make the material move in one direction. At the same time, according to this characteristic, the conveying volume of the material can be adjusted by the frequency of the carriage movement.The output materials can be conveyed by screw conveyors, chain conveyors, belt conveyors, etc. to achieve fully enclosed operation.


1. The high-load design can be used for materials that are difficult to handle in various rectangular or circular silos, and has a strong arch breaking effect;

2. It has strong versatility and can be designed in the form of underground silo. Loaders or trucks can directly tilt the materials into the silo; it can also be designed in the form of above ground, and the materials are fed into the silo through scraper conveying or pumping. The bottom screw conveyor discharges the material into the lower loading car;

3. The high-quality hydraulic drive device and strong and wear-resistant components ensure the long-life operation of the system;

4. The components are simple and reliable, and easy to install on site.


Multi-screw movable bottom sludge silo

For the storage of a small amount of sludge, the silo is of rectangular design, with 2-6 parallel conveying spirals at the bottom, and can use shaftless spirals or shafted spirals. The conveying volume of materials can be adjusted by frequency to carry out more accurate metering and conveying.

The output materials can be conveyed by screw conveyors, chain conveyors, belt conveyors, etc. to achieve fully

enclosed operation. The position of the discharge point can be determined arbitrarily.


1. The structure is simple and the bottom spiral can effectively break the arch;

2. Durable and stable, long-term maintenance-free operation;

3. The discharge is continuous, and the output flow can be controlled by the frequency converter controlling the speed;

4. Adjust the spiral structure according to the properties of different sludge materials, with a wide range of applications;

5. The whole skid is installed, ready to use.

Wet sludge conveying facility

Due to the physical characteristics of wet sludge such as high viscosity, peculiar smell and uneven moisture content, special conveying equipment such as belt conveyors, screw conveyors, scraper conveyors, pipe chain conveyors, etc. are required during transportation.

For different sludge, we recommend different facility. The basic principle is to achieve: the sludge is conveyed in a

sealed manner, without material or odor overflow; anti-corrosion and wear-resistant materials are used to extend the trouble-free operation time of the equipment; the conveying capacity of the sludge can be Control, smooth mud in and out.

The screw conveyor can meet the closed and quantitative conveying during the conveying process, but the conveying angle cannot be too large.

The screw pump can transport wet sludge with low solid content in a closed and quantitative way, but materials with high solid content cannot be transported.

The buried scraper conveyor not only satisfies the closed transportation of sludge, the transportation angle can reach 70° or more, the transportation distance is long, and the service life is long.


Dry sludge conveying facility

The tube chain conveyor is a continuous conveying facility for conveying powder, small particles and other bulk

materials. The chain is used as a transmission mechanism to drive the animal material along the channel in a closed

channel. It is characterized by compact structure and tight sealing. No dust removal device is required at the outlet.





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